Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

If Counterparty declines or otherwise terminates any agreement for any reason, prematurely or not, Breeze Boattrips shall in no case be held for repayment by any Counterparty or by a third party for the benefit of any Counterparty, unless parties agreed otherwise.

Breeze Boattrips is entitled to full payment under the agreement between her and the Counterparty.

In case of “no show”, there will be no refund unless parties have agreed otherwise.

Valid for: Klein Curacao Boat Trip

  • Cancellation fee of 100.0% is charged if cancelled 1 day(s) or less before the event
  • Cancellation fee of 50.0% is charged if cancelled 7 day(s) or less before the event
  • Cancellation fee of 25.0% is charged if cancelled 14 day(s) or less before the event
  • Cancellation fee of 10.0% is charged if cancelled 365 day(s) or less before the event

Terms & conditions:

All refunds will be made by method of payment used for the reservation, or by voucher at the discretion of SBE, and mailed to the billing address or emailed to the account provided to us.

There is NO early return refund. SBE reserves the right to rent out the equipment to an alternative client if returned early and is NOT obligated to refund or credit the original client under these circumstances. Late return of rentals will be assessed a prorated amount based on the applicable hourly rental rate for that piece of equipment (based on the standard hourly rental rate and NOT prorated based on the actual rental period), which will be rounded up to the next 15-minute interval (that is: 20 minutes will be charged for 30, 35 for 45, 50 for 60).