Kayak Rental Curacao

In addition to jet ski excursions, we also offer two great ways to enjoy the Spanish Water. A stand-up paddle board or kayak rentalgives you a front-row seat to the incredible show that lies just below the surface. These self-guided board andboat charters in Curacaoare available every day at any time between 9am – 6pm.

There are many ways to see the ocean, but perhaps nothing is as peaceful or gets you as close to the wildlife as kayaking and paddle boarding. This is due to the fact that you are exploring the water without an engine, so there isn’t a bunch of extra noise and exhaust caused by your visit. Sometimes the most exciting part of being in the Caribbean is getting close to the various sea creatures, like fish, dolphins, and especially sea turtles. But when these animals are scared or startled by the sound of power boats, they often scurry off to hide, so you end up missing out on them. In kayaks and on paddle boards, you more they way they do—paddling unobtrusively through the water—so the sea animals are more likely to be undisturbed by your presence. In fact, they may even come over to get a closer look at you!


  • One hour kayak single – $20
  • One hour kayak double – $20
  • One hour stand-up paddle board – $20

Some people enjoy the stability of a kayak, and the fact that you can have more than one person in a boat (which makes this a great activity for couples or parents and children to enjoy together). Others like stand-up paddle boards, which can be a bit more difficult to keep upright, but which are easier on your back and give you an elevated view of the ocean. Looking down at the reef passing below you from a standing position is one of the best ways to really get to know the Caribbean, which is why so many people have turned to SUP paddle boardingover the past decade. In fact, it’s the fastest growing water sport on the planet!

Whether you head out on a kayak or a stand-up paddle board, you are sure to see the ocean from a different perspective—one that gets you right in the thick of things for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Once you have done a cruise on The Breeze, the only way to get closer to the sea is on your own self-propelled watercraft!

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€ 25,00 (incl. O.B)